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one-on-one, cage-free, clean, + safe

We operate as a one-on-one, appointment-based spa to provide exclusivity and privacy for our clients. Because of our unique way of operating, there are a range of benefits Pawsitivity is able to offer that traditional salons cannot.

  • Your pet has our undivided attention! There aren't multiple animals to keep an eye on, therefore, there won’t be any reason to use hands-free techniques (such as crating or cage drying) on your dog or cat.

  •  The risk of being exposed to other unvaccinated pets, fleas, ticks, and possible contagious conditions is eliminated. One-on-one care eliminates the risk of cross-infection since we are with one pet at a time.

  • All tools and surfaces are cleaned and sanitized in betwen grooms, minimizing the spread of bacteria. A clean space is one of the many benefits of having a salon that is not overcrowded with pets!

Multi-pet household? No problem! As each of your pets take turns getting pampered, they will be able to free roam and relax at our feet in the salon suite.


Your pet will never be left unattended.

environmentally friendly, luxury products


Pawsitivity uses luxury pet care products that are designed to deep clean, moisturize, and condition. We guarantee your pet will leave their sPAW day, squeaky clean and rejuvenated!

We only use environmentally friendly products that we have researched + trust. If your loved one requires a special/RX shampoo, please discuss with us upon registration and we can absolutely provide accomodations.

personalized grooming plans

low-stress, fear free

certified, insured, experienced

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