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Due to the variety in sizes and coat textures, doodles are difficult to provide price quotes. A more precise quote will be given upon seeing your dog, but no quote will be final until your dog has been fully groomed.

Pricing depends on several factors including, but not limited to:

  • Dog’s size

  • Length of coat

  • Type and texture of coat

  • Frequency dog is groomed

  • Desired style

  • Condition of coat and/or presence of matting

  • Dog’s behavior/temperament and how experienced he/she is with grooming


  • Shampoo and Conditioning 

  • Hand Drying

  • Brush Out 

  • Tidying of the face, ears, feet, and hygiene areas OR full groom

  • Bandana or Bowtie

Base price for Doodles and Poodles
kept on a 4-6 week schedule:

under 15lbs start at $45

over 15lbs and up to 30lbs start at $65

over 30lbs and up to 60lbs) start at $85

over 60lbs start at $110

Due to limited space on our schedule and the amount of time doodles and poodles typically take, in order to stay on Pawsitivity's grooming schedule Doodle and Poodle clients are required to stick to a 4 to 6 week schedule. 

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