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Transform your pet's grooming appointment into an indulgent,  spa experience with these premium add on services.

Facial Fluff Treatment

A Facial Fluff Treatment is an excellent way of getting rid of tear stains and enhancing the coat's color naturally while providing a calming, aromatherapeutic experience for your dog or cat.This treatment is a hypoallergenic, tearless, and lick-safe option full of Vitamin A, D, and E that naturally exfoliates as it cleans and hydrates. Even though most parents think it is only appropriate for white hair, the truth is that this process is great for all colors and coats. After a good rinse, the result is not only brighter, cleaner hair but also strengthened strands that are now better equipped naturally to fight off dirt!

Available in...

  • Unscented

  • Fruit Loop Scent 

  • Blueberry Scent

  • Orange Creamsicle Scent 



A paw treatment will deep clean and rejuvinate your pup's paws! First, nails will be clipped and/or dremmeled. Then, paw pads and feet with be tidied. Not only are tidied feet more asthetically pleasing, but they can also reduce the amount of mud tracked in through your house! Tidying paws also gets rid of and prevent paw debris that can get stuck in the fur between pads on walks. Next, your pup's paws will be strengthened, exfoliated, cleaned, and conditioned as they enjoy a fizzy paw soak and massage. The process ends with soothjng paw balm applied to all four paws. 


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Sensitive Skin Treatment

The extract of Mojave Yucca enhances your pets' body's production of it's own natural cortisone, aiding in the relief 



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